Invest with Elgie Group

The Elgie Group works with private investors to provide market-beating returns on their capital. Backed by real UK assets on short-term agreements, it could be the right choice for anyone looking a hands-off approach to property investment.

Make your money work harder

With interest rates lower than ever and the cost of living continuing to rise, your money needs to work harder than ever just to keep up with inflation.

The Elgie Group offers private investors the opportunity to achieve higher returns than they would see in a traditional savings account by putting their money to work in our refurbishment and development projects.

So if you're interested in property investment but don't have the time or experience to do it yourself, we offer a hands-off approach that could be perfect for you.

Why invest with us?

High Return On Investment

Achieve returns well in excess of standard savings account interest rates

Short-Term Agreements

The average investment term is 6-24 months, meaning your capital isn't tied up indefinitely

Low Entry Point

Our minimum investment starts at £10,000, making investing in property more achievable than ever

Asset Backed

Your money is invested in real UK property, offering increased security and peace of mind

Making A Difference

Your money will be used to create beautiful homes for those who need them

Achieve Your Goals

We adjust and tailor our investment strategy to your personal requirements, including rate of return, timeframe and attitude to risk

Real investors, superior returns

Two years ago I invested with Sam Elgie from Elgie Group. Receiving a monthly interest payment has enabled me to take early retirement. It's been an absolute pleasure investing with Sam, he discussed all aspects of the business and how my money would be invested - and best of all how much interest my investment would make each month. He is hard working, dedicated and passionate about his business. Sam is only a phone call away to answer any questions or concerns and you always come away fully satisfied.

The interest rates he pays are amazing and are far better than any bank could offer. I know my investment is totally safe with Sam, and the contract we have gives me peace of mind and is legally binding. I would highly recommend investing with Sam and would be willing to discuss my contract with anyone to convince you it's a no brainer.

Karl WPrivate Investor

My first investment with Sam was about 18 months ago. The high interest rates he offered were very appealing and much higher than any financial institutions could provide. I have since reinvested twice more. Sam has always impressed me with his work ethic as he is highly motivated and dedicated to each project’s success, therefore I did not doubt that my money was safely invested.

I was keen to invest further with Sam, so we formed a partnership and started to grow our portfolio of HMOs. Sam is a highly motivated business partner whose energy, expertise and commitment to his work have helped to accelerate our portfolio at an incredible rate. I look forward to continuing working with Sam to expand our portfolio even further. Sam is fantastic at what he does, and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Lisa KPrivate Investor / Partner

I invested into Sam Elgie from Elgie Group. I've been investing for over 18 months, collecting a monthly interest payment and it has been a pleasure. Sam is hard working and dedicated to his business. He is passionate about his work and looks after his investors. The interest rates he pays are amazing and are far better than any bank could offer. I know my investment is safe with Sam. I would highly recommend investing with him.

Overall, I chose to invest with Sam due to his work ethic, his passion and his energy.

Carol HPrivate Investor

I invested nearly 6 months ago now and Sam has been excellent to deal with. Always happy to help and react to any personal changes or situations. I love his enthusiasm and determination in all things business and life and I am 100% positive Elgie Group is worth investing in now and in the years to come.

Dean SPrivate Investor

I have been investing with the Elgie Group for a year now, receiving my interest monthly. It has been a pleasure investing with Sam; nothing is too much trouble when I need information or ask for advice. He is always positive and has high energy and that’s why I will continue to invest with the Elgie Group.

Simon FPrivate Investor

Want to know more?

If you'd like more information about our rates of return and how investment works with the Elgie Group, please get in touch using the form below and one of team will get back to you.