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Sam & Trisha are the owners of Elgie Group, a property investment and development business. Their main speciality being HMOs.

Sam & Trisha began investing in property at different times and came from different backgrounds. Sam started his property investment journey back in 2010 when he purchased his first BTL at the age of 20. His mum was extremely proud of him getting on the property ladder so young. However, the young entrepreneur that he was, Sam said, "Oh no, I’m not going to live in it I’m going to rent it out so that I earn income each month - why would I go live there when I can stay here for free?” Haha

Trisha started out in property in January 2017. She was particularly taken by the HMO strategy as the cash flow on these properties was much higher than your standard buy to let.

Sam & Trisha became a couple in 2020 and since then Elgie Group has been soaring. Together they have been unstoppable in regenerating so many rundown properties, especially in their hometown of Derby, where they are particularly passionate about raising the standards of accommodation.

Since 2018 they have bought and renovated over 300 HMO units and will have a portfolio worth over £24 million when their larger conversions are complete.

Their speciality is HMOs, which they find to be a fantastic win-win strategy as it creates a fantastic passive return for a landlord, and it also supplies a greater number of high-quality accommodation for the areas in which they invest.

2021 was a year of massive expansion - buying 12 properties in 12 months - but they soon realised the systems couldn't keep up with their growth. Therefore, 2022 became a year of strategic planning to get their ducks in a row - they hired 5 members of staff, sold off two of their businesses, helped multiple family members get onto the property ladder as well purchasing another 168 HMO units and their own family home.

Sam & Trisha had several comments over the past 3-4 years calling them HMO King & Queen. It's a name they feel is a great honour and they are very proud of it. They have appeared on Homes Under the Hammer three times during 2022, showcasing some of their amazing transformations.

If you'd like to work with us or learn more then get in touch today to start your property journey.

Sam Elgie

Sam is the founder of the Elgie Group as well as a professional developer, property investor and coach.

At the age of 16 Sam started working as an apprentice on £3 an hour, but he always had a passion property. So he set himself the goal of purchasing his first property before the age of 21. Sam had a vision of owning two properties outright to use as a retirement fund, then living in the third.

At the age of 20, one month before his 21st birthday, Sam bought his first house with no inheritance and just hard-core savings. This became his first buy to let (BTL).

As an avid fan of Homes Under The Hammer, Sam saw an online seminar advertised with Martin Roberts. He signed up to a property education course (the biggest investment is always in yourself) and set about learning how to make money from property to replace his salary.

In 2017 Sam did his first flip project, purchasing a probate three-bedroom, semi-detached property and converting it into a four-bedroom family home. Sam did a lot of the work himself, and vowed never to again! The experience taught him many valuable lessons and eventually sold for a profit. However, when working out the profit margin and dividing it by the amount of hours Sam spent at the property the return was just £2.60 an hour. 

In August 2018 he switched focus to building a passive property portfolio, hiring teams to do the conversions which enabled Sam to focus on growing and buying more properties. He has now tried a variety or property investment strategies, ranging from BTLs to HMOs (houses of multiple occupancy) to commercial conversions and new builds. 

In November 2020 Sam quit his steady and secure job at Rolls-Royce. Knowing Trisha was pregnant it was a decision he didn’t make lightly but it turned out to be one of the best decisions for life transformation. It enabled Sam to focus on what really matters to him: family. In April 2021, Samuel Junior was born. Junior is a genuine miracle, seeing as though Sam was told by two different doctors that he wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally.

Sam now coaches and helps others become financially independent through property, enabling them to live life on their own terms.

Trisha Pegg

Trisha is a business coach, millionaire property developer, mentor and trainer.

After 5 years of travelling the world, pursuing her passion for singing and performing, Trisha realised there was something missing from her life, and to feel completely fulfilled, she needed to find it. Having been raised in a family that promoted the belief of ‘the harder you work, the more you will earn’, Trisha committed herself to a life of long hours in the corporate world, following the belief that the sacrifices she makes today will lead to a more prosperous tomorrow.

Trisha quickly realised that the harder she worked, the richer her boss became, with very little benefit to her own life. This, coupled with the declining time she was able to spend with her three children, meant that a serious change in lifestyle was required.

Trisha began a journey of self-discovery and personal development with the aim of discovering her true purpose in life. With an untapped passion for property, Trisha decided to pursue property education to discover how she could create luxury affordable housing using a ‘no money down’ strategy.

Utilising her own lead generation and relationship-building skills honed in the corporate world, Trisha created a property portfolio that enabled her to become financially free in just 12 months without using any of her own capital. In just under 5 years, Trisha has delivered on over £16m in property deals while creating a coaching, mentoring and training business that enables people to create financial freedom from property using her own portfolio creation strategies.

At the end of 2020 Trisha decided to no longer deliver training events and instead focus on the growth of Elgie Group, which has paid dividends.

Our mission

We at Elgie Group have a powerful mission, which is: Empowering Lives through Goal-orientated Investments and Experiences

What does this mean?
We Empower Lives by helping our investors increase their passive income with our guaranteed Investment returns; we empower our tenants by providing high quality accommodation at affordable prices, which helps them Experience a better standard of living; and we bring old and tired properties back to life, raising the standards across several communities.

We help our coaching clients achieve life-changing results, enabling them to build wealth through their Investments and business ventures, by being Goal-orientated. This in turn allows them to have incredible Experiences in their life, making their dreams become a reality - whether this is being FREE to spend more time with their children/families, going on 5* holidays or giving back to charities.

Assisting people to gain TRUE FREEDOM of TIME in their lives is something underestimated by so many. Having TIME FREEDOM & FINANCIAL FREEDOM means that a person can connect to what their real passions are in life without the normal restrictions.

What would you do if time and money was no object?

Our values

Create beautiful homes that people want to live in


Provide exceptional returns to our private investors


Help others become financially independent through property