Learn how to make money with property

Sam & Trisha are professional property investors who have a wealth of experience in the residential & commercial sectors. Having built multimillion pound property portfolios from scratch, they are willing to share the strategies and tactics that got them there. The Elgie Group's unique 1-to-1 coaching sessions are perfect for anybody who wants to make money with property, no matter what stage of the journey you're at.

Your first step to financial freedom

Property is an excellent investment that has stood the test of time. But it can also be extremely costly if you make mistakes. This is where the Elgie Group comes in. Under the direction of Sam and Trisha, the Elgie Group has gone from no property assets to more than 20 residential and commercial projects under ownership in just 5 years, making themselves and their investors a lot of money in the process.

In their 1-to-1 coaching sessions, Sam and Trisha will show you step by step how to build a property portfolio that delivers passive income and genuine profits, putting you on the road to long-lasting financial freedom.

So whether you want to invest in property but don't know where to start, or need someone to identify opportunities for expansion and hold you accountable, get in touch today to see how the Elgie Group can help push you and your returns to the next level.

About Sam Elgie

At the age of 16 Sam set himself the goal of buying his first house before he turned 21. With no inheritance and on just £3 an hour, he achieved his goal and bought one a month before his 21st birthday, which he let out and viewed as his 'pension'. After getting the property bug, Sam attended a seminar by Martin Roberts in 2015 and a couple of years later finally started putting into practise the learnings.

In 2018 Sam bought his first HMO and now he owns more than 100 separate HMO units, as well as a number of commercial buildings, including a hotel and restaurant, which will be renovated into luxury flats. Quickly making a name for himself due to his work ethic and ability to spot a deal, Sam has been featured in a number of leading industry publications and TV shows, including Your Property Network, Homes Under The Hammer and HMO magazine, becoming a well-respected property developer and investor within the industry.

Sam is extremely passionate about teaching people, and feels immense pride when he sees others achieve their own property and financial goals. This desire to help is why he now offers private coaching and mentoring to others looking to achieve financial freedom through property.

About Trisha Pegg

After 5 years of travelling the world, pursuing her passion for singing and performing, Trisha realised there was something missing from her life, and to feel completely fulfilled, she needed to find it. Having been raised in a family that promoted the belief of 'the harder you work, the more you will earn’, Trisha committed herself to a life of long hours in the corporate world, following the belief that the sacrifices she makes today will lead to a more prosperous tomorrow.

Trisha quickly realised that the harder she worked, the richer her boss became, with very little benefit to her own life. This, coupled with the declining time she was able to spend with her three children, meant that a serious change in lifestyle was required. With an untapped passion for property, Trisha decided to pursue property education.

Utilising her own lead generation and relationship-building skills honed in the corporate world, Trisha created a property portfolio that enabled her to become financially free in just 12 months using none of her own capital. In just under 5 years, Trisha has delivered on over £16m in property deals while launching a coaching, mentoring and training business that enables people to create financial freedom from property using her own portfolio creation strategies.

Trisha's passion, commitment and drive to achieve, grow and succeed is a true testament to the success that others can expect with her support and guidance.

The benefits of coaching

Save Time

Using tried and tested strategies will help accelerate your journey and speed up results

Save money

Having an experienced teacher guiding your decisions will stop costly mistakes which can quickly destroy profit

Clear Goals

You'll set goals and put in place strategies to achieve them, giving you a clear direction

Reach Your Potential

Having a mentor guide and push you will ensure you are constantly striving to improve, ensuring you reach your full potential


Answering to somebody holds you accountable and provides added motivation to succeed

Support When You Need It

Whether it's evaluating a deal or dealing with a property issue, Sam will be there to offer a supportive ear & impartial advice

Coaching testimonials

If you are interested in property investment and thinking of getting a coach, I would highly recommend Sam Elgie. He has got variety of experience in property investing, starting from vanilla buy-to-let to most recent hotel conversion. He does not hold anything back in his coaching session and provides his full support and guidance on whatever strategy you choose for investing. Game changer!

Kushal M

Sam Elgie has been my coach for 5 months so far, in that time I have grown so much and I'm learning more about myself with every session.

Working with Sam has given me the confidence I need to make my first steps into property. In 3 shorts month I now have 2 properties in my portfolio.

It’s great working with someone so passionate. Huge thank you to Sam as I wouldn’t have started any of this without him. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone, investing in myself and the program is the best thing I’ve done.

Sarah R

Coaching with Sam has helped us hugely progress towards our goals within the property sector. He has not only guided us on how to implement strategies needed to become successful - i.e analysing a deal - he has also shared valuable contacts and most importantly has kept us accountable and helped us maintain the right mindset to continually move forward.

We would highly recommend Sam as your coach as he is progressive, friendly and knowledgeable.

Abbie & Kadeem

Thank you so much for the coaching, it helped me shift my mindset and believe in myself.

I started off thinking that I could only do one project at a time, but with the coaching it helped me increase my social media presence, raise investor finance (I raised over £350k in investment in my first year of property), and go from not just one project at a time, but three projects in parallel, whilst working a full-time job. Thank you.

Steve G

Sam Elgie is a great Property Coach! He is effective with helping to discover what path to go with in the property industry while providing amazing accountability and property knowledge and how to apply everything we know and have learnt throughout our life.

He is there for business decisions and emotional support, all depending what is needed at the time for individual's growth and success.

I'm so grateful for Sam's coaching! My observation is that the secret to his success is that he loves what he does, and it's property! Plus helping people achieve success! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kelly V

Since starting coaching with Sam we have seen so much growth in ourselves both personally and professionally! Sam has supported us heavily in accelerating our property portfolio growth, working on our personal development and mindset as well as holding us accountable throughout the sessions.

Thank you Sam for being such an instrumental part of our journey and your incredible coaching.

Reema & Haps

We have been having coaching with Sam now for almost a year. It was a great business decision to help keep us motivated, determined and accountable at all times. Having regular coaching with Sam has ensured we are reaching our weekly and monthly goals, which in turn has lead us to growing our construction team, gaining financial freedom and reaching our financial targets all whilst growing our property portfolio!

We couldn’t recommend Sam enough and we will always be grateful to him.

Sarah C

Coaching with Sam has been truly life changing. Not only have I achieved a huge life move to Scotland, I’m now being supported in growing my thriving holiday let business!

As a chronic procrastinator, coaching with Sam has kept me motivated and focused. I cannot recommend highly enough!

Susie B

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